Dror Eshed – Sculpturer and Designer

Dror Eshed

Dror was born in October 30th 1954 in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel where he completed high school. During his military service he was one of the founders of Kibbutz Samar, near Eilat. Between 1980-1983 he traveled in the East and later began his studies of Industrial Design in the Academy for Art and Design "Bezalel". He graduated the academy in 1990 and since then he works mainly in sculpturing and environmental sculpturing. Additionally, he designed toys, drew and decorated ceramics elements.

Dror passed away on February 2nd, 2015.

Environmental Sculpturing

In the process of environmental sculpturing Dror found himself connecting many aspects: the nature of the terrain, budget constraints, contact with the architect, and the work with his own team in order to create an independent and authentic artistic entity in the field.


The studio was located in Neve Ilan near Jerusalem. During work on big projects Dror worked in a group and each one of the team took part in a specific task: mosaic, cement, metal etc.

Presentations in Museums
1990 - Toy Exhibition in Youth Wing, The Israel Museum
1991 - Exhibition of Selected Works, Haifa Museum for Modern Art
1992 - Solo Exhibition: wooden toys and sculptural toys, Design Division, Museum Tel Aviv
1993 - Sculptural Toys, Jerusalem Science Museum
2000 - "Sand Man" sculpture in Youth Division, The Israel Museum (specially ordered for the exhibition "Time". The statue remains there since then.)
2001 - "Cave of Prehistoric Man" reconstruction and redesign in Youth Division in The Israel Museum
2010 - Reconstruction of Picasso's statue "Profile", Art Garden, The Israel Museum